Billionaire Ned Nwoko and his new wife are enjoying their new marriage, as they were both spotted all romantic while hanging out with family and loved ones during the Eid-Fitri celebration.

The photo shows Regina Daniels Nwoko on her husband’s back while onlookers who were mostly family members, cheering them up as they show love and affection to each other.

The duo who only got married traditionally last week has kept social media gossips talking with their show of love and affection.

On Sunday, the screen diva was at AY live where she dolled out cash to the comedienne, Helen Paul. (SEE PHOTOS HERE)



  1. That’s the level of stupidity and how immoral a man and a woman can be, that a habitual immoral got a girl equal to his granddaughter to sleep around with and some fools shamelessly cheer them up, and that the little lad got herself someone equal to her grandfather to keep defiling her is the highest heights of imbecility. It’s a shame. Though I’m not surprised, bcos the BIBLE foretold of these type of people in this last days. 2Timothy 3:1-9. Immortality in the highest order.

  2. nothing is bad for them been one as husband and wife, they both like and love each other ,I wish them long lasting couple in Jesus name Amen .


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