Mrs. Lina Ned Nwoko, one of the wives to Billionaire, Ned Nwoko has launched an attack on Ned’s new wife, Regina Daniel.. and we are all for it today.

It all started when Regina posted photos of herself in front of her husband’s Ferrari, captioning the photo, “Legit”.

An Instagram account believed to be that of Mrs. Lina, Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan wife alleged that Gina has enchanted her husband.

Taking to the comment section of the post, She wrote; “Keep using Budoo on my husband, there comes an end Date where u shall be disgraced soon”.

She then continued, “What is Legit? Voodoo not legit, you can’t even cook yet you complain my cooks are serving you white man’s meal.. Soon you will be replaced, this charm will fade off”.

Lina’s Step son, Emzy who is a singer, also quickly came to her defense. “Step mum it’s OK we can talk about this when I Get back home”.

An Instagram user who wanted to have a taste of the whole drama also aired her own ‘opinion’, “Stop this rubbish and get a life…. You were the 6th wife… He married you as young as he did with her so spare the young lady… You came for the money and she came for the money too so let her be… When you eat you allow others to eat… An Igbo provers says… Onye biri Ibeya ebiri.. Live and let others live”

Follow the screenshots below;



  1. Just allow the poor girl be, if you think her voodoo is what she meant by saying legit, that means you use same methods to capture the man to yourself. Its her turn, madam allow her to shine same way you shined. If your cooks are serving her white mans food, Ned please get Regina Nigerian cooks that should be serving her too. Money is good.

  2. Who is this one talking.You came all the way from Morocco to marry Ned as the 4th 5th or 6th wife is it ordinary??? If not thesame thing Vodoo or to park his money.Please allow that small girl to take a little bit of what you taken,and a breathing space.Dont even disturb her.If it were you people you wont take it.I always pass through your country and you peoples racism towords us Nigerians is too much.Abeg leave that small girl joor.Onye iberibe.Nonsence.

  3. i dont support what Regina is doing despite that am her fan. should just live the man alone and go for a young guy.

  4. Regina Daniels u are too young and beautiful to take this shame. Try to be useful to ur self. Money is not everything, all is vanity.

  5. Are you the first wife of this man?or you re indirectly telling us he replaced you bcoz your charms failed off,if you try to make yourself a problem to Regina trust me she’s going to solve you like an empty bottle,this is her time, you must endure what other wives who came before you endured during your time, life is turn by turn, your has ended, she’s the queen now as you can see,so I advice you keep mute, as for the step son, since you are not your father’s next of kin that is if he even know as one of his son I advice you join your step mother in ? mute keeping,shine on REGINA?

  6. I am not against you wanting to be popular but marrying this old man is wrong,it also endangers your life,you never can tell what other wives are capable of doing,regi I am your fan but a
    Scared for your life.


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