Singer, Dencia says

Popular Cameroonian singer and entrepreneur, Dencia has taken to social media to tackle some Africans based abroad over their dubious activities.

 Dencia says

In an Instastory post, Dencia called out abroad-based Africans for sending sub-standard products and broken cars to Africa because of greed.

According to her, whenever they want to export items to Africa, they mostly send expired, old and rejected items to Africa, despite knowing that Africa does not have fast and reliable health care system that would treat people who get affected from using the item.

The singer further admonished them to do better especially when it concerns their own people in Africa.

She wrote,

“Africans abroad do some things that will have you questioning how they think. We literally talk shit about the government & colonial masters but how we do our own people.. far worst

You buy broken cars abroad with serious issues that can’t be fixed, 2 miles away from brakes failing & send to Africa to be sold for public transportation, a continent u know doesn’t have real emergency hospital situations. U are intentionally causing mass murders just cuz of greed. everytime most Africans think of sending stuff, doing certain thigs, it’s old rejected shit from 1st world countries.

Some pharmacists go as far as changing dates of meds & sending expired less potent meds that ends up killing folks, not because its poisonous but because it’s not potent enough to cure folks.

We need 2 do better as humans especially when it comes to our people.”

See below,

 Dencia says

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