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Netizens React As Devoted 30BG Fan Inks Permanent T@ttoo Tribute To Davido On His Body (WATCH)

A Nigerian fan has taken his admiration for popular singer, Davido to new heights by permanently etching the artist’s face and 30BG and DMW logo branding on his own body.

The viral video circulating on social media platforms captures the young man showing his unique tattoos, which serve as his loyalty to the fandom.

The video begins by showing the man’s face before zooming in to reveal the tattoos adorning his body.

Prominently displayed on his chest are the logos of Davido’s record labels, ‘30BG‘ and ‘DMW,’ permanently inked in bold lettering.


But the true center of attention of this fan’s tribute lies on his stomach, where he has boldly tattooed the face of Davido himself.

The tattoos pay homage to the singer Davido, whom he holds in such high regard.

The video also features the devoted fan dancing enthusiastically to one of Davido’s hit songs, further showing his devotion to the artist.

The man’s action has captivated the attention of social media users, who have flocked to the comments section to share their reactions.

Some have expressed admiration for the fan’s dedication, while others have questioned the wisdom of such a permanent and elaborate tattoo on his body

Regardless of the different opinions, the video continues to circulate online, undeniably garnering the attention of netizens and viewers online.

Watch the video below:

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