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Netizens React As Lady Shares Reasons Why Men Should Take Their Wives Last Name (VIDEO)

In a thought-provoking video that has since gone viral, a woman has shared her unique perspective on why men should consider adopting their wives’ last names

Drawing inspiration from biblical teachings, the woman claims that the sacred book instructs men to leave their parents and cleave to their wives.

Interpreting this as a call to let go of everything associated with their own family, including their last name, she believes men should embrace their wives’ surnames as a symbol of unity and commitment.

Notably, the woman shares that this perspective is often overlooked and disregarded

However, she emphasizes that the choice to adopt a spouse’s last name should be a personal decision, and she respects women who choose to take their husband’s name.

She also stated that she, personally, would not change her last name, as she does not view herself as a mere “cow” to be branded with her husband’s name.

While her viewpoint may be odd, it has sparked conversations online about gender roles, and societal expectations.

Here are some reaction from viewers:

MARADONA“Nah Queen James Version be her bible”

@M“Tell us say you dey craze without telling us”

@kaydeyofficial“The Bible says nothing about a man or a woman taking each others name.

@Winifred“What Bible is this one talking about??? What is wrong with people???”


Watch the video below:

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