A baby of mixed race has caused the social media space to reel with laughter as he eats with relish the Nigerian meal known as Eba with a draw soup.

His father who had set the food before himself to eat shows how his son rushes him to feed him more of the meal that he drags the father’s hand when he feels he’s taking too long.

The baby murmurs gibberish as a way of communicating his pleasure over the sweetness of the food and displeasure that the father is taking a while before giving him another morsel.

Nigerians were amused and flattered to see the video of how their food is indirectly celebrated. Read some of their comments:

@Dim Jessica: Why are you wasting time like that? Abeg next time increase the pace we don’t have time to waste like that o😅😅

@Divinelove Gabriel: This is me and my daughter 😆 🤣 That girl and ebay 🤝

@Perpetual Ebube Jerome-Okoye: Daddy why are you letting us speak in tongues before you bring the food🤣🤣? I love this. I love kids who aren’t selective with food.

Nigerian parents especially love it when babies are eager to eat good food.

Watch the video below,

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