Maheeda in a chat with PUNCH has revealed that she was abandoned by her parents when she was a baby.. She also spoke about her education, challenges, Nudity, Marriage, Daughter and more.



I grew up in Kano State, but I don’t remember much about my childhood; even the few things that I can recall are not pleasant memories. I never knew my parents because I was abandoned as a baby. My childhood was characterised by loneliness, sadness and feelings of worthlessness. From a very young age, I was desperate for freedom and happiness. I just wanted to be accepted. I didn’t have a happy childhood. I was raised by kind-hearted people who took pity on me.


The only school I attended was Ota Akara Primary School, Kano, for my elementary education. There was no money for me to further my education. However, I continued to educate myself beyond school and the streets also helped me. As a child, my ambition was to marry a Caucasian. As a child, the only difference between me and the kids that ate rice anytime they wanted and had a lot of toys, was the fact that their mum married a white man. Meanwhile, those were the things I didn’t have. While growing up, all my hustle was geared towards that direction and I am glad that I succeeded. I am now a citizen of the Netherlands. However, I now know better. It is not about marrying a white man; it is more about what you can make out of the life God has given you.


I used to love Indian films while growing up. I was enthralled by the singing and dancing in those movies; so, I wanted to do the same. I reasoned that being an entertainer would make me famous and somebody to be reckoned with in the society. At that time, I had very low self-esteem and I felt like nobody. After I met a rich white man and I started having money back then in Port Harcourt, I began to invest in music. I started as a secular singer and the first song I released was titled, I no want you. The beat was really nice but I couldn’t really sing, so, my voice sounded awkward in the song. I was really criticised and that hurt me. As an uneducated poor lady trying to make a career and a life for herself, I was almost discouraged by jobless haters. My most popular song as an artiste was Oko yan pia. It did quite well. The last time I released a song was four years ago; I’m busy with my family now.

Born again

I believe that everything that happens to one in life is meant to build one up. It is true that at a time, I asked all the radio and TV stations to stop playing my secular songs because I had become born again. However, I don’t want to talk about that period in my life. I prefer to stay in my secular lane.


In terms of my music career, I faced a lot of challenges. They include getting good songs and good management. Things are also tougher for women in the industry. In addition to that, my voice was not really good and money was hard to come by.


The travails I had early in life taught me many lessons. It has made me selfless. Since I was abandoned, I never want to leave my child. It has also made me very understanding. I sympathise with people a lot, especially the less privileged. I have become stronger and a goal-getter. I was a very poor child, so as I grew up, I fought poverty with all I had. On the flip side, my experience has made me not to trust anyone. I was abused by everyone around me, even my so-called godparents. Anyway, I have learnt the importance of virtues like patience, forgiveness, gratefulness and honesty.


I started posting nude pictures simply because I could. I don’t owe anybody any explanation. Some people may think I just post nude pictures for fun but I love my job as a nude model. I have no control over the fact that some people masturbate with my pictures. Everybody has their lives to live and they can do as they please. The truth is that most Nigerians are hypocrites. They don’t want people to know that they like what I do. There are so many people that abuse me in the comments section, yet send me private messages, asking to get intimate with me.


I don’t hide my husband away from the public. He has his own life and his business; he is a very private person. He is not the social media type; so, you can hardly find him on the Internet. We have different personalities and that is great for me. I don’t joke with my husband and daughter. I like to keep them away from the limelight. I only tell and show people what I want them to know.


I have a lovely relationship with my daughter and we are very close. She doesn’t have an Instagram account yet and I will not allow her to have one until she turns 18, which is next year. As regards her seeing my nude pictures, my daughter is Dutch and she has a different mentality from most Nigerians. In advanced countries, nudity is not seen as bad or evil and sexuality is freely expressed.

Throwback photo of Maheeda and her daughter.


I have a very strong personality. I don’t like people who are wicked and arrogant. I like selfless, open-minded and courageous people.

Role models

Unfortunately, I don’t have any role model. I feel everyone is born a saint but no one is honest enough to tell me their true story.


I like to be free and comfortable in whatever I put on. I also like to be naked most of the time.

Source: PUNCH

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