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Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade has reacted to accusations that the government paid her to make people doubt the Lekki toll gate shooting of October 20, 2020.

omotola paid

Recall that few days after the incident, the star actress shared a tweet which sparked outrage on social media.

She wrote, “If People died during the Lekki Toll Assault , let their people speak out please and if there were No deaths then enough with the sensationalization because it does not remove from the Crime that happened.”

She was brutally castigated for insinuating that nobody died in the shooting and later deleted the tweet and apologized in subsequent tweets.

Omotola, has filmed a video, explaining her innocent intention behind the tweet. She said she was surprised to see that people were questioning her stance and alleging that she has compromised.

She denied the allegations and said she has never been bribed by the government. She added that her tweet was misconstrued and people began assuming she had been paid.

Omotola said she realized that it appeared the authorities were trying to deny people were killed at the Lekki toll gate, so her tweets were aimed at stating that whether anyone died or not doesn’t change the fact that a crime happened and innocent unarmed protesters were shot at.

Watch a short clip from the video below,

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