A Nigerian TikToker has come under fire after he shared a video of him ‘bathing’ a bike man with perfume while in motion.

Sharing the video online, he noted that he sprayed the bike man with that much perfume because he was smelling.

The video showed how the passenger, who was also the one filming the incident, sprayed perfumes all over the bike man, including his head.

Netizens however did not take the video he shared via his TikTok page @vickierol1 lightly as they condemned his action.

Sharing the video, he attached a caption that read; “Bike men and smell na 5/6”

In their opinion, he shouldn’t have done such, instead he could have offered the bike man some money to purchase some.

Below are some of the comments;

@user9808148088617:  If he stab you. Now you go say na smell ?

@Emmanuel:  Your mate Dey inside their own guy. Old man like you Dey use perfume N900 Dey oppress ABOKI.

@Your worst nightmare 💗:  How do you people feel treating your fellow human like this , just for content??

@originalucdivin: This is disrespectful and a violation of personal boundaries.

@awesome_olalere: This is actually an assault and the bike man should press charges

@GracedUp1: Hope this is a prank/joke? Because if it’s real, it is madness and the guy just abused the biker, he should be arrested.

Watch the video below,

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