AY Makun writes

Popular Nigerian Comedian and Actor, Ayo Makun has given a copious reason there will always be a high number of Nigerians who want to leave the country.

The comedian in a tweet he shared, said Nigeria will keep producing ‘japa generation’ because of evil leaders and not because our “land is without milk and honey”.

In his words ;

Nigeria will continue to produce a JAPA generation, not because our land is without milk and honey, but because of evil leaders who usually get into power to gather as much as they can gather for themselves, and then look on and do nothing.

In other news, A Nigerian man residing abroad identified as Tobi has expressed gratitude for the Nigerian educational system and the degree he acquired.

Tobi took to the microblogging platform to share how his computer science degree, which he had earned in Nigeria before being transferred, had opened doors for him since his move.

He claimed that the certificate had helped him to stay in front of his peers. (READ Here ICYMI)

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