A man identified as Tola has expressed gratitude for Nigeria’s inexpensive education cost.

He took to the microblogging platform, Twitter to brag about the cost of education for schooling in Nigeria for four years being less than $150 unlike schools abroad.

According to him, he was in the same class with students who took over $150k in students loan and they would get the same job opportunities after school.

In his words;

“9ja you do this one. To think that I spent less than $150 in today’s value for my Bachelors in Nigeria including off campus accommodation. The Tuition and fees portion of it is not up to $7. For 4 whole years ooooo. I’m eternally grateful and indebted.

I carry my $7 BS enter Yankee do MS in the same class with people who took $150k loans com dey work for organizations wey I dey dream about. Even if this is the only benefit I got from 9ja, how can I ever be ungrateful to the land of my birth.
Never allow anyone disrespect this land. Never!”

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