After spotting a tricycle popularly known as Keke Napep in the United Kingdom, a Nigerian guy in the UK took to social media to share his amazement.

The Twitter user who was shocked to see the tricycle being used as a means of public of transportation shared the photo of the Keke on Twitter.

“Yea the UK is finished,” he captioned the photo.

Another Twitter user, on the other hand, explained that keke was introduced in the United Kingdom in 2020 to address transportation issues.

In other news, a Nigerian man has sparked outrage on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, after he revealed why he’s in dire need of a wife.

The young man simply identified as Scholar shared a disturbing video of his dirty room with his belongings scattered around, and noted that he needs a wife to help keep it clean.

“I really need a wife,” he captioned the video.

When netzines told him that the state of his room shows that he needs a maid, not a wife, he responded that a wife is the same as a maid.

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