A young and quite talented visual artist is being praised on social media after he displayed his ingenious creation of a portrait of singing sensation, Davido using Rubik’s cubes.

Davido Rubik's cube portrait

The talented gentleman identified as Jaystan Okputu revealed that he used 800 pieces of Rubik’s cubes in creating the piece which is a precise image of the Nigerian singer.

According to Jaystan, creating the piece took him a stretch of 6 hours and a total of 800 pieces of the 3D combination to complete the phenomenal artwork.

Jaystan took to his social media page to share photos and video of the process that led to the portrait.

Davido has as well acknowledged the phenomenal work on the artiste’s page as he, amongst thousand others liked the post on Jaystan’s page.

See more photos and a video he shared below,

Davido Rubik's cube portrait

Davido Rubik's cube portrait

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