A Nigerian bride is currently trending on social media after photos from her wedding surfaced online.

In the photos, the bride, identified as Dasplang Rinset Lisa, eschewed the traditional white gown and wore a black gown with a black veil, and she looked stunning in it.

Taking to her Facebook page, Lisa revealed she got lots of questions about why she decided to wear all black for her big day.

“I got many questions about why I chose to wear a black gown on my wedding. Well I have a lot of answers to the questions, this I will write about later, but for now can anyone tell me why he or she will prefer a white gown and why not any other colour of dress”.

See photos below,

In other news, a video showing the hilarious moment a couple fell to the ground while kissing aggressively at their wedding ceremony has gone viral online.

In the video making rounds on social media, the officiating minister asked the groom to kiss his bride after they exchanged vows at the altar.

Upon the command, the groom wasted no time to ‘dive’ towards his wife and planted a kiss on her lips. However, due to the force he used to approach her, she lost balance and they both fell down to the ground.

The groom wasn’t dismayed by this as he continued kissing his wife passionately while they were rolling on the floor in the presence of their guests. Watch video here.

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