Nigerian chef narrates

A Nigerian chef has taken to Twitter to recount how she discovered that most married women are suffering in the hands of their husbands.

The chef, identified as @omowo on Twitter, relayed this with the experience she had with a married colleague in her industry.

According to the chef who is still single, her colleague advised her to maximize her single years and take as many catering jobs as she can because once she get married, she won’t have the liberty anymore.

@omowo said she was quite surprised at the advice and asked her colleague if her husband would ask her to turn down jobs so they can spend quality time together, but the friend said no, explaining that the husband might simply wake up and decided that she should stay at home.

She tweeted,

“I can never forget someone in my industry telling me to do all the events I can now because when I get married there will be days my husband will tell me I can’t go for an event.I asked why,maybe we had plans or something, She said he can just wake up and decide he didn’t want me to leave the house that day.I was like Awww to spend time with him abi😍 she said no,he will go out but you can’t go anywhere.

That was when I knew that most women are seeing shege in the name of marriage.I’ve been looking at her with pity since then💔”

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