Crazeclown Calls

Popular Nigerian Instagram comedian, Crazeclown, took to his social media page to share how a gay guy slid into his DM and made some sexual advances at him.

The comic act, well known for his character as “Papa Ade” in his short IG skits, shared a screenshot of the chat he had with the gay dude in question.

Crazeclown Calls

The chat below ensued between him and IG user, @maxwell69412345… Crazeclown shared the photo and wrote:

I don’t have anything against homosexuals but this disrespect right here is what gets me disgusted! Bros you look like who get sense on your profile picture but na false advertisement e be! Na your PAPA NYASH dem go rim! I stil cover my nyash with the blood! Only shit shall come out of this nyash! AMEN 🙏🏾🙏🏾😩😩 #DrCraze

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