Victor and Annabel met on a low-key note during one of the dating seasons of popular Nigerian blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus’ ‘Single Mingles’ session virtually a year ago, according to preliminary reports gathered about the duo who have remained private about their romance.

Annabel from Edo State shared her contact with a short piece on the kind of man she wanted and Victor from Akwa Ibom who didn’t know the provisions of the future made his move as a gentleman by contacting the damsel. They both proceeded to the BlackBerry Messenger where they intensified their conversations and events went seriously romantic.

The union survived all obstacles and distractions till Victor looked around his world and realized there was no other befitting woman but his light-skinned Ann. So, he proposed a few months ago and she said YES! excitedly.

The marriage preparations have been concluded and the beautiful couple will be getting married in November, 2016.

We wish the two love birds a blissful marital union as they continue their life journey together.

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  1. Dear future wife,I know you are somewhere reading this news,please even if you are with someone now,tell him to be doing the thing small small because he is on borrowed time……………….I sent hello to one fine girl on 27th june 2015 and she replied on 16th September 2016

  2. Seriously this is so risky one finding his or her soulmate on social networks, especially for the ladies, i will never try such again as me being jealous lover will die before my time, i have experienced heart break once and will not give it a second chance. The worst is that they lie a lot …. God help us girls Amen

  3. Whats the difference between meeting someone online and meeting them somewhere??? Do you mean you wont expirience heartbreak if you meet someone in person?? To me both are same thing!! Just get to know whoever you wanna be with. Dont rush!!!

  4. @Oloye Olajide,thats just it.Me,i love Tђξ fun and suspense filled acts sorrounding online dating which is to be unravelled gradually as time progresses. Congrats to them


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