Popular social media counsellor, John D Doe asked a question that was strictly meant for Married couples and the question he posed was “Married people, if you don’t mind, please tell us how you coped within your first 5 years?”

The question was answered by many social media users and there were some really interesting takes.

Below are some comments we culled from the post ;

Yusu wrote –
Marriage becomes boring as you grow in it, especially when you as a Man is well loaded. Some beautiful perfect side chicks start surfacing. Understanding that the devil you already knew is way better than the super Angel you’re just meeting is the secret that keeps your marriage!

Oluchi wrote –

Kept my marital issues away from my family, hubby did same with his ..
Them no understand us😄
We are 14 yrs together and counting
It took submission, respect, loyalty with d help of the Almighty

Uche wrote –

First I was diplomatic then next made it hot, back to diplomacy and been logical…somehow things started taking shape as one became much more tolerant but still insisting on the right things been done. Its not perfect but life is much better and sweeter

Mazi wrote –

One big thing I learnt within my first 5 years of marriage is to never argue with my wife. It always ended up with her twisting my words and making the argument unending. I stopped arguing. I started allowing her talk then I used questions to make her rethink. It saved me a lot!

Arrizto wrote –

For me I learnt, a woman can be kind, loving, loyal but if pushed to the wall, she can do and undo. I also learnt no matter how you push her to do something, she will only do that which she wants(financially). I also learnt never to test a woman’s patience.

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