A family in Benin City, Edo State, has disowned one of their daughters over her alleged involvement in lesbianism.

The family said the move to inform the public that they were disowning their 27-year-old daughter, who is based in Italy,
was because her act has become known to the public and has brought shame upon them.

Head of the family, Mr Mike Omohe, informed journalists of their decision after a meeting of senior members of the family held at their family house in Benin City.

He said,

“We have been fully informed of our daughter’s shameful act of lesbianism. We now know that true to rumours we have had in the past, she is now a lesbian.

“We also know of her shameful relationship with another girl. We want her to know that she is no longer acceptable in our family as a daughter.

“She can no longer refer to us as her family members nor return to the family. As a matter of fact, she cannot even practice her shameful act here in Nigeria as we will report her to the authority and make sure she is jailed.

“As a responsible people, who puts premium on African culture and tradition, we disapprove of her act. She is no longer qualify to be associated with us as we know that her unrepentant act constitute sin to God and man.”

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  1. Killing her or insulting her family will not solve d problem bcuz is nono of ur business, so it better we pray n ask God for a deliverance for her n HV u ever ask ur self what WL be d problem in DT family for them to disown their daughter n d kind of family n life d family lived before her or even now, pls friend don’t judged her bcuz u don’t know d truth abt her n her family ok

  2. Stupid hypocritical Nigerians, whose business is it, the same part of hell that she is going to, that’s where all of pouring abuses on her will end up in, most of us here do worse things than lesbianism, because this one is made public every fool will open theor mouths to say crap. Smh.

  3. While we were yet sinners, still enjoying our sins God loved us & Jesus died to purchase us of d bondage of sin. Its not about disowning her but continue to pray & show her love. Family remain blood no matter what. Home/ foundational training has a lot to do to remain steadfast in this world & its satanic influence.

  4. doesn’t it baffle everyone how Nigerians act holy yet we’re known as one of the most corrupted nation. keep acting as saint, criticize others and keep deceiving yourselves that you’re holy ehn!!!! #WhoFamilyEpp ????

  5. Lesbianism is a sin when God created Adam He created Eve. And He said its not good for a man to be alone so he made him a woman.God did not make 2 men. Neither did He make 2 womenThat Edo girl is caged by immorality. Pray for her.

  6. As a man, having sex with 2 lesbians at a time (threesome) is the best sex one could have, but I still don’t condone homosexuality, most especially when it comes to do with males, as it’s sacrilegious…… I love lesbians, and am sure most men do. I got to be honest

  7. Yes but this one is abominable unto God, man to man, woman to a woman, re we trying to tell God that HE is wrong if her mother ended up with a woman like her, would she be born likewise man to a man, yes sin is sin but some are abomination just like human having sex affair with animal I disagree. No apology

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