Media personality, Angela Nwosu has dragged Nigerian girls to filth over what she claims is their definition of neatness.

The social media influencer opined that majority of Nigerian ladies only considers being glammed with makeup as neatness.

The practical spiritualist in a recent Instagram post stated that most Nigerians ladies pay less attention to their personal hygiene and private areas, but give attach much importance to their make up as it’s their definition of neatness.

She wrote,

“Most Nigerian girls will call you dirty, if you are not wearing makeup. Their own definition of neatness is makeup. That’s why their toto will be smelling and they wont care, as long as their faces are plastered with makeup, they are neat”.

In other news, Popular sex therapist, Angela Nwosu has taken to social media to share with her fans and followers that her husband did her a huge favour by marrying her.

Angela who showered praises on her husband via Instagram, revealed that her life would have been completely useless if he had not married her.

According to her, her heartthrob, Nnaemeka Soundmind Austin is a God, that transformed her life completely.

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