The K-drama section of Nigerian Twitter has been sent into a bit of frenzy following the article of a young Nigerian man.

He wrote about the favorite and almost sacred “Oppa” and contrary to the type of stories written about Lee Min Ho, this didn’t sing his praise.

Lee Min Ho is a world-famous A-list Korean actor who rose to stardom for his role as Gu Jun Pyo in Boys over Flowers. He’s also incredibly handsome, funny, and down-to-earth (based on his interviews). But here’s the thing. He’s not a great actor. He actually kind of sucks. There, I said it,” the writer penned his thoughts.

K-drama lovers on Twitter did not take this review well because they believe Lee Min Ho brought K-drama to the limelight and shouldn’t be insulted in that manner.

Some believe they need to gatekeep the dramas from people who don’t share the same love and reverence they have for the Korean culture.

Here are some of the reactions;

“Some of you are so obsessed with being poor cause why are you so mad that LMH doesn’t play the role of a poorer in series, Una go dey alright last last cause na trenches they do ima”

“Gosh we don’t gatekeep enough and it is so upsetting!! Leave Korean content for us that genuinely enjoy it!! Stay the fuk away!!”

Lee min Ho brought Kdrama into the limelight, And I’m saying this with my full chest…Forever Goated and nobody comes closer…Look for something else to say


  1. Mr writer There’s one thing you should know if Lee min ho sucks or not I definitely believe it’s none of damn business.You may not like him or his movies but I definitely do love him and his movies please don’t call him names again .
    Go find other things to do with your time Mr writer.

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