A video circulating online has shown a young lady being confronted after sharing her friend’s naked footage on social media.

It was gathered that the yet-to-be identified lady had posted nude videos of her friend on different social media platforms, in a bid to embarrass her.

However, after she was accosted, she’s seen begging for forgiveness.

In the viral video, a voice is heard saying that the lady is in the habit of recording her female friends when they are unclad, and she would then share the footage on social media.

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady has been filmed fighting with her friend for telling her boyfriend that she is cheating on him.

In the video making rounds on social media, the girl confronted her friend for outing her sexual promiscuity to her boyfriend.

She demanded that her friend explain the reason for her betrayal, however, the girl who was confronted insisted that her boyfriend chatted her up first.

The girl, who appears to be from the southern part of Nigeria, engaged her friend in fisticuffs whilst maintaining that she had no right to expose her.

The fight escalated quickly and friends of the duo had to intervene to squash the fight. Read here.

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