Nigerian lady accuses

A Nigerian lady has accused some men of the Nigerian Police Force of chasing her away after she ran to them for safety in Lagos.

Taking to Twitter, @AnuoluwapoSisi said she was in a Bolt ride when the vehicle suddenly broke down in front of a police station, and the driver had to come down to look for someone to push the car.

Aanu said she became scared of being attacked or robbed, and decided to go to the police station to seek refuge pending when the vehicle is fixed. However, she was shocked when the officers chased her away from the station.

According to her, she had to wait by the roadside while praying not to get attacked, and ordered another Bolt ride to take her home.

Her words,

“My bolt stopped on the road in front of the police station in barrack, my bolt guy went to look for someone to help him push his car then I got down and I’m scared I went to meet the police that can I stay with them till another bolt arrives, guess! They chased me away.

Say “get out of here” and they locked their gate. Looool. I shaaa got in front of the station and was waiting hoping nobody comes to snatch my things. Well I’m inside another bolt and on my way home. Lool”

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