A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to thank her boyfriend for transforming her life.

In a trending clip that has stirred warm reactions from netizens, the lady showed how she was when she met her man and how he completely transformed her life.

The beginning of the video, which showed how she met her man, showed her looking slim in a very simple outfit, but the latter part of the video, which showed how her boyfriend transformed her life, showed that she looked totally different.

Her fair complexion was brighter and more glowing; she appeared curvier; and her overall appearance indicated an improvement in her lifestyle.

Sharing the video of online, the pretty lady whose stunning transformation left netizens speechless, in her caption sang the praises of her man. 

“The girl I gave him, vs the hil he turned me into”, she wrote.

Watch the video below,

In other news, popular Nigerian Comedian and Actor, AY Makun, has advised his colleagues to protect their mental health at all costs and avoid social media validations.

Taking to his Instagram account, the actor reminded them that those who loved them would not stop loving them simply because of hearsay.

According to him, it was wise to spend time connecting with friends and loved ones instead of trying to appeal to an online audience.

He wrote;

“It’s time to stop seeking validation from social media. No matter d truth or lies about u or your personality, those who love u will still love u. Save yourself from depression, protect your mental health. Connect, spend time, & build relationships with real people in your life.

We need to set boundaries and be mindful of what we share or partake on social media. Balance is key.This is a place where people fly with available information.

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