A Nigerian Lady has opened up about her sexcapade with popular Nollywood Actor, John Okafor (Mr. Ibu).

The Lady on Facebook, Identified as Igwe Gloria said she had a ‘one night’ stand with the comedian, and she took to a Facebook group to brag about it.

Sharing photos, she wrote: “The level where I am now, 2 years from now none of you guys will get there even in your next life.”

“I finally had a night stand with my Mr. Ibu. He is so cool, sweet and lovely. All celebrities have their own ways of having s*x, they don’t rush it like all chewing gum guys we have here.”

“He shift the pants gently, kiss you romantically and lastly insert it gently. OMG last night was WOW, I felt ontop of the world”

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