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Nigerian Lady Causes A Stir As She Secretly Relocates Abroad Without Informing Family And Friends (VIDEO)

A Nigerian lady, identified as @onomeeee, on Tik Tok has stirred up controversy and confusion on social media after revealing her decision to relocate abroad without informing her family and friends.

In a viral video, she can be seen on an airplane bound for Canada, sharing her experience and the reactions she faced.

According to @onomeeee, her secretive move to Canada prompted some of her loved ones to block her on various communication platforms upon discovering the news.

In the caption accompanying the video, she expressed her excitement about starting a new life in Canada, while also mentioning that she received unexpected blocking from a “friend” due to the visa matter.

She wrote:

“Me on my way to Canada to start a new life after keeping my visa a secret from including friends and family.

I even chop blocking from a ‘friend’ on top of this visa matter.”

The viral video has drawn a mix of reactions from netizens, with some expressing amusement and others expressing confusion.

Some questioned why she chose not to inform her friends and family about her relocation, while others supported her decision, citing that not everyone needs to be aware of such matters.

As the video continues to circulate, it as undeniably drawn the reaction of netizens online, sparking debate online.

Watch the video below:

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