A Nigerian lady has taken to her Instagram page to celebrate her birthday some months after she survived a gas explosion.

Olateju who shared some of her recovery photos, wrote;

The Lord has shown His mercy that I can not fathom.
My name has been written in the book of life.
I, Olateju, have seen and felt His mercy, and so, my lips will sing of His greatness all the days of my life.
I’ve neared death and didn’t die, the wave of the sea didn’t consume me, neither did the scorching fire burn me.
My beauty has been renewed in the Lord.
My salvation assured.
Olúwá, a ki kitan, eledumare, I bless the beauty of Your name.
I’m a year older!
I wouldn’t be here if not for You, Heavenly Father. All glory and honour to your holy name, Jehovah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. #God’sfavourite



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