A quite furious and irritated Nigerian lady took to her Facebook page to call out the man who slid into her DM to demand for sex right away with no engagement.

Outing the man she identified as Otunba Bolaji Salam, the lady, Obadun Princess Aderonke painted the man as a pedophile who will soon be in jail.

She shared screenshots of their chats and wrote,

May God Punish You Otunba Bolaji Salam
Stupid Man. Na Una dey Go Rape Small Small Children So..
Plss let Be Guided ooo. If You Come To My DM to Say Trash I will post You Everywhere.
Stupid Man.
No Shame.
Go Fuck Your Mother..
Broda Ode
Your Penis Will Dance You to Jail.

Nigerian lady exposes man

Nigerian lady exposes man

Nigerian lady exposes man



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