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Nigerian Lady Faces Backlash Online After She Was Unsatisfied With The Shoes Gifted By Her Aunt Abroad (VIDEO)

A Nigerian lady has faced criticism online for complaining about the shoes she received as a gift from her aunt living abroad.

The young woman, who shared a video showing the new shoes, expressed her dissatisfaction with the footwear, particularly noting that they were not designer items or in line with the latest trends in Nigeria.

Her reaction to the gift has been met with a wave of backlash from social media users.

The video quickly gained traction, capturing the attention of netizens who were quick to condemn the lady for her perceived lack of style and ungrateful attitude towards a thoughtful gesture.

Despite the quality of the footwear, many argued that she should have shown appreciation for the effort made by her aunt.

The controversial video has sparked a flurry of reactions across social media platforms.

While some have empathized with the lady’s desire for more fashionable items, many have criticized her for overlooking the sentimental value of the gift and focusing on the material aspect.

As the video continues to circulate, it has undeniably drawn the attention of netizens and generated a mix of opinions and reactions from viewers and users alike.

Here are some reactions from viewers:

@izzy__okd reacted: “You obviously lack style, cause those shoes are lovely.”

@abujatailor reacted: “If you style them well you will like them 😍”

@bella_reignn reacted: “Be grateful or return it… everything is now for social media 🙄🙄.”

@ririah reacted :But they are actually nice now😂


Watch the video below:

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