Nigerian lady laments

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to lament bitterly after being rejected for a job because of her height.

Nigerian lady laments

@OgolomaOluchi said she was invited for an interview at a hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, and did all she could to get to there on time despite all odds.

According to her, when it got to her turn to be interviewed, she was told by the interviewer that she is too short for the job role and was turned away.

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“I got a message yesterday to come for an interview today in a big fancy hotel in VI. Woke up by 6, had my shower did makeup. Left on time to beat up with lekki traffic. Still on a bus when the rain started got down from the bus rain beats me,I told myself I must make it to the interview today.

Then again the rain was terrible I had to book uber, on getting to the venue met some other people waiting. Luckily for me it was 25 minutes to the interview. The HR and interviewer came in called one after the other, my heart was beating fast hoping I would be selected for this great job. Finally it was my turn to be interviewed only for the interviewer to tell me I’m too short to work for the company that they can’t take me because of my height. My God! I was so sad. All the Time, effort, hopes was just in vain. 🥺😭

I’m so ashamed of my country Nigeria. If we don’t help others grow how do we grow🤷‍♀️. That why most girl instead of them working they rather prefer doing prostitution because jobs don’t favour them.

Na short I short I no kill person 😭”

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