A lady has narrated how she re-discovered herself and decided to make herself happy after a man whom she dated for four years married another woman behind her back, without breaking up with her.

The budding entrepreneur (debbiebarbieskincare), took to Instagram to share her story after acquiring herself a new car.

Read her story below;

Have come to realize life is a journey which everyone must go through everyday to become the best version of who we are. I realized that pain changes everything in our life. At times God use pain to get our attention.

God used pain to remold me. My life journey started experiencing real changes in 2016 when someone I loved n dated for like 4years went on to have an introduction with someone else without breaking up with me. Story for another day… I felt so bitter n angry with life etc, I felt heavy burden on my mind. Bcoz I was holding on to the pain. Then I came across a post online saying “forgiveness is like setting someone free and realizing that person is you”.

At first I was lost cos I didn’t get the message at all then I took my time to understand it then I discover that was angry n hard on myself. So I decided to write down things I’m angry about n also write things I achieved to be a happy pretty girl. I noticed I was angry about four things n I discovered I want a lot of positive things, so I decide to channel all my energy into things I want instead of things I can’t change.

The first on my list*
I want to b an Entrepreneur
I want to be to beautiful
I want to be happy
I want to live life etc

My list might look simple but it wasn’t easy to get any. I’m not there yet but I’m not where I was yesterday. In life change is a constant thing n we are all capable of. I’m glad my Ex left me cause I won’t have discovered the me I’m so much in love with right now. Key words don’t b stock in that dark corner. We don’t all have it figured out but I’m enjoying the process.




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