Earlier today, we reported of how a Nigerian lady has been receiving accolades after she – supposedly – wrote an ode to men. The lady, identified as Mary, had taken to Twitter to share series of tweets where she praises men for all their hard work in spite of the challenges they face. ICYMI

Upon seeing that the lady was being showered with encomium over her post, it was later discovered that she actually stole the post from a Facebook user who’d shared the post earlier this year.

One Patrick Dominic II on Facebook, had on January 30 of this year, shared the post on his Facebook page but the post didn’t receive as much attention from his side unlike Mary.

His friends are now enraged as they plan to drag Mary who shared the post on Twitter… See Patrick’s original post below,



  1. What did she now do wrong by posting whatever it is, can’t she re-post it or share it else where, the girl in question is my very good friend, she did nothing bad in this. She didn’t stot ur so called original post from getting accolades after all you sef copy am from somewhere


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