Nigerian lady raises

A Nigerian woman has raised the bar for her fellow women as she takes her boyfriend on a romantic date and spent over 50k on their meal.

This comes after women were dared to splurge their hard-earned money on their boyfriends/husbands this September, as against men always taking them out.

Nigerian lady raises

The young lady, identified as @folamyflower on Twitter, took to the platform on Tuesday, September 13, to announce that she has carried out the challenge. According to her, she took her boyfriend to a luxury restaurant in Lekki, Lagos.

She shared a photo of the food they were served at the restaurant as well as the the bill she received after the fine dining and it amounted to #58,700.

Fola captioned it, “September assignment submitted. I took my man out”

See below,


In other news, a Nigerian lady has shared the measures she takes to prevent other women from coming to her boyfriend’s house to cook for him when she’s not around.

In a viral clip, the lover girl identified as @basseyphayvor revealed she stocks her man’s fridge with a variety of delicacies to avoid other women coming up with the excuse to cook for him when she’s not around.

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