A Nigerian lady, Helen Amah, took to social media to narrate how she returned money mistakenly paid to her at the bank.

According to Helen, on April 9, 2019, she went to the bank to withdraw N250,000. However she got the shock of her life when she got home to count the money and discovered it to be N500,000.

She wrote:

“I went to the bank to make a withdrawal of 250 thousand naira. Someone told me to help her with my bank account to enable her receive the money she was expecting. So I gave her my details and the money came in. I went to the bank to help her withdraw 250 thousands naira out of the 350k that was sent.

I filled the cash withdrawal slip. And instantly I got a debit alert of 250k., the money was given to me. I went home and counted the money. Lo and behold it was 500 thousand naira. Yes! 500 thousand naira. I thought I was dreaming or probably making a mistake.”

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