A Nigerian lady identified as Amaka took to Twitter recently to reveal that she unknowingly used the sum of N200,000 as stake for a bet she made.

According to the lady, she wasn’t aware what she was doing at the time she made the bet becauseher sobriety was not stable.

Amaka shared that she was high while typing the amount she intended to use to bet and so she had no idea how many zeros was being inputted which later turned out to be too much.

But she was lucky to retrieve the money back via the bet, as the game she staked on, returned a win of N32,000.

At the end she made N232,000 from the bet she made with N200,000.

Sharing a screenshot of the bet slip, Amaka wrote,

”I was high and I didn’t know how many zeros I was pressing, but thank God

Let me go and sleep.”

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