Nigerian lady reveals

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to reveal why she dumped her narcissist boyfriend after only one week of dating.

In a now-viral post, @Helenchiomaking disclosed that barely a week into their relationship, her boyfriend told her to start addressing him as “Lord”.

She said she found it odd because he was very serious about being called ‘Lord’, but she still continued with the relationship against her better judgement.

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he came to cause a scene at a restaurant while she was on a date with her longtime male friend.

According to her, she broke up with him on the spot, left the restaurant with her male friend and cut off all forms of communication with him.

Read her full post below,

“I had an experience with a guy that I had just agreed to be in a relationship with. One week into the relationship, dude asked me to address him as “lord” I am not even bluffing, I thought he was trying to be funny and I laughed over it. I came back to my senses when he asked me what was funny. I knew from that moment that I have used my hand to bring wahala to myself. The one that broke the camel’s back, was when I was eating out with one of my male pal in a restaurant and The lord of my life called me on phone.

The conversation went like this..
*Phone rings*
Me: Hello

My lord: (Silence)

Me: Hello, are you there? Can you hear, me?

My lord: (Silence)…… (More silence)

Me: (Hangs up)

He calls back…

Me: Hello..

My lord: (Silence)

I was beginning to think it was network until Oga decided to break the breathing competition.

My lord: Is it me you are saying hello to?

Me: What should I have said?

*He hung up*

My friend on the side asked me if I was okay. I explained to him what “my lord” was doing on the phone.

My lord called back, and him being the proper fool that he is, proceeds to ask me if the way I said “Hello” was the way I was supposed to address him. I didn’t even know When I burst out laughing, apparently my laughter aggravated his supposed anger and dude hung up again.

He called back and asked me if I was with a man, I replied yes. He said that was why I was talking to him like that, I kept quiet. He asked me where I was, I told I was in a restaurant, he asked which one, I refuse to disclose. He started ranting. He said I was with another of my boyfriend and I was cheating on him. My friend who was there all along, listening to the back and forth squabbling, asked me to concede our location to him.

In jiffy, dude called me that he was outside the restaurant and that I should come out, I and my friend were done from the restaurant and we both went out. My lord was trying to cause a scene and I wasn’t up for it, my friend who had given us space to talk had to come back And asked what the problem was, my lord, shouted at him to get out. At that point, I knew I was done.

The relationship was barely two weeks and I am already hyperventilating. I told him I was done, that I was so done. Dude started crying, I swear I have never seen anything like It, from roaring like a lion to suddenly crying and professing his love for me. And also saying that all this wouldn’t have happened if I had just responded to him properly when he called.

Only I had to leave with my friend immediately, when in my friend’s car, I deleted Mr lord’s number blocked him on all social media platforms, broke my sim card, and used my friend’s phone to call my brother, I explained to my brother what had just happened and he reassured me I was going to be fine, and me to call him if any other issue arises.

Honestly, I Was terrified, and visibly shaking. I thought Mr lord was going to hurt me or come look for me, but that didn’t happen, and for that I am forever grateful.

What a life!

See her tweet below,

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