A Nigerian Lady of the Igbo tribe has caused a debate on Facebook with her opinion of ‘Wife etiquette’. The lady who goes by the name Lisar Kanu, shared a video in which she listed some Taboos for every married Igbo woman.

According to Kanu, it is a taboo for a married Igbo woman to fart in front of her husband or to his hearing. According to her, it is only the man that is allowed to fart in front of her and the children and that when he does, she must go on her knees and start hailing him with different Igbo praise names. She says women are to give men respect for farting in front of them.

Lisar Kanu

However, in their reaction, some Igbo women informed her that their husbands like them farting in front of them. Some men also informed her that they like their wives taking beer with them.

Watch the video below



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