A Nigerian man identified as Odinaka Eze has received a Master’s degree with honors from the University of Mississippi in the United States.

His flawless GPA of 4.0/4.0 earned him a scholarship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he will pursue his PhD.

His former classmate and friend, Ifechidere, shared the news on the microblogging platform, Twitter, describing how Odinaka struggled to survive in Nigeria.

She said that the gifted student had scars on his palm from processing raw cashews with his mother in Nsukka because of the acidic content.

Ifechidere wrote;

“He showed me his hands in class one day while we talked. He had scars from processing raw acidic cashew with his mom in Nsukka.

That boy, my classmate, Odinaka Eze just graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Distinction. 4.0/4.0

And a free ride to MIT for his PhD!

Education is still the surest ticket out of under-privilege. We didn’t come from wealthy families or a line of prominent names, but education has set us at the same table with Kings and people that matter.

My boy is going to MIT. Odinaka is going to MIT! Damn!

Funny thing is. He was denied a First class in History department, UNN. 4.49! The witchcraft and crab mentality amongst our own custodians and dispensers of knowledge is a plague. Later, we’ll be asked why we go abroad where we are valued.”

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