Nigerian man bamboozled

A Nigerian man has been left confused on what to do after discovering that his wife is building her own house without his knowledge.

Nigerian man bamboozled

A lady who overheard the man’s conversation at a restaurant, took to microblogging platform, Twitter, to share the man’s predicament.

She wrote,

“Was in this restaurant with a friend when a man sitting next to my table started talking about his wife.. apparently she’s building a house, he said he followed her one morning when she lied she was going to the early morning bush market but he has been feeling seeing some funny Movement lately and decided to traced her and lo and behold he got to see the house she’s building and according to him the house has 4flat at the top and 3down.

He came back home that day and couldn’t stop thinking who he actually married, she got back and continued her normal Marital duties and still no word from her about the house! He is thinking if he should confront her or allow it slide but he won’t ever trust her. If it were you what would you have done?”


  1. Omoo….😑😑
    Na to shock her with am ooo

    Cuz I can’t keep guessing wat she has in mind…it’s to talk d whole things out with her…..🚶
    Any game wey go cut go stillll Cut✂️

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