Nigerian man bamboozled

A Nigerian man has shared his encounter with a lady who requested for money to buy fuel after only a few hours of getting to know each other.

Taking to Twitter, the man with the handle @busayootebata, revealed that the beautiful lady slid into his Instagram DM and struck up a conversation with him.

However, he was taken aback when the lady asked for money to buy fuel so she could charge her phone, which she claimed was running low, after barely 24 hours of chatting.

He was surprised by her request and questioned if she only reached out to him to beg for money, because it makes no logical sense to do so after only a few hours of knowing someone.

He then took to Twitter to share a screenshot of their conversation and suggested that such women be exposed from henceforth.

In a now-deleted tweet, the young man wrote,

“One fine girl texted me on Instagram and not up to 24hours she done tell me say make I come bye her 3k fuel say her phone wan d!e I think it’s high time we start posting ladies Dm since all of you want to be mad”

Read the chat below,

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