Video of a Nigerian man celebrating his birthday with bread, butter and akara because of his hate for cake has caused a stir on social media.

Sharing on TikTok, his partner @chioma.0 captioned that he doesn’t like cake so he will manage to celebrate with snacks.

In the celebratory video circulating on social media, the delectable loaf of bread adorned with customized “Happy Birthday”, akara and a heart shaped butter were displayed on the table to commemorate his birthday. Other items like powdered chocolate, milk and sugar added by the side.

The young man excitedly blew the candle attached with the custom made “Happy birthday”.

The Nigerian man style of celebration due to his aversion for cake has garnered hilarious comment online as viewers expressed surprised and commend the lady for celebrating her man in a unique style considering his personal taste.

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@peaceeben15 so I hear people say happy cake ,so I am gonna say happy bread day to you ! Enjoy the akara with it ,wish you the very best of live with more funds

@goxdlenvoice My favorite Nigerian snack is Akara and my mom always makes alot for me on my birthday so I get it😭😭😭😭

@chimmy893 Omggg😭 first time I’m seeing someone that doesn’t like cake just like me! Happy birthday to him

@pxrissa Akara on the side too is wild😂

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