A Nigerian man has been left devastated after his wife eloped with their children to the United Kingdom with her ex-lover.

According to a Twitter user who shared the story, the woman initially abandoned the children (two boys) when she first eloped with her lover years ago.

The couple filed for divorce years later, and she was finally granted access to the children. The tweep said she would usually come to Nigeria twice a year to visit the children at school.

She did that for two years before eventually eloping with the children.

She is alleged to have taken the children from school during one of her visits and traveled to the UK with them without their father’s knowledge.

Read the full story as shared by the Twitter user below.

“An Uncle of mine nearly ran mad when his wife eloped with her old-school lover in the mid-90s. The lady abandoned her 2 little boys & ran with the Ex to the UK. She was a Nurse in Akure then. Years later, she was granted access to the kids after a lengthy divorce process.

The case was a major Police investigation 25yrs ago as she took them at the school. The husband came to pick the boys after school hrs to receive the shock of his life. He really bonded with the boys for years, taking them everywhere, never remarried. Otipe tii breakfast tiwa. It’s self-destructive to marry an unkind person. This is the biggest tragedy in marriage”.

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