A Nigerian Doctor has taken to his social media page to explain why dogs sometimes bark at night.

The Nigerian Doctor with the handle @maxvayshia opined that it is not unconnected with the spiritual world as the presence of spirits of the dead cause the dogs to bark. (Creepy yeah)

His tweets read ;

Sometimes your dogs bark at night, u look but see nothing but they see the departed souls, the dead… because dogs see at a much higher wavelength than you. Cos of this fact, the dead actually usurp the vision of ur dogs (and cats) and watch u through their eyes, which means….

Sometimes, at night, ur dogs stare at you but it’s actually not ur dog or cat, it’s the dead. They see you tru their eyes.

As a matter of fact, many of d people who you buy things from, the people u walk past on the road at night, YOUR UBER DRIVER, the bike men, many are dead…

The people who u buy things from at night. Many are dead but because of the presence of some mediumistic persons in d vicinity, their astral bodies (which is no different from ur own body) can be made tangible to you.

The dead are everywhere. Those doors that slam, curtains that shift, they are mostly the activity of the dead and departed ones. They are always close to you.

The dead are everywhere, especially at night.




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