Nigerian man narrates

Ossai Success Ovie, a special assistant to the Governor of Delta State, has recounted how his brother ended his relationship with his ex-girlfriend because of her sense of entitlement.

Taking to Facebook, Ossai said the young lady dated an internet fraudster before dating his brother and was accustomed to expensive gifts and lavish spending sprees.

He said the lady’s iPhone 12 Pro Max got stolen recently and his brother bought a TECNO phone worth 55k for her to replace the stolen phone.

However, the lady rejected the phone and said it’s belittling for her to use a TECNO device after using an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Displeased by her response, his brother repossessed the phone and called off the relationship.

According to Ossai, his brother actually bought an iPhone 13 pro max for her and wanted to test her with the TECNO phone.

Ossai wrote;

“A young girl in warri once dated a yahoo yahoo guy and after the breakup , she met my brother .

They started dating but unfortunately for her , my brother though has money, is not that generous like that yahoo yahoo guy.

Just last week here, my brother bought TECNO PHONE worth 55k for the girl after her phone was stolen.

Guess what , the girl rejected the phone saying that she can’t use TECNO PHONE because the phone that got stolen was IPhone 12 Pro Max.

My brother without argument collected the TECNO PHONE from her and left the house .

Unknowingly to the girl , my brother bought IPhone 13 pro max but kept it at home hoping to see the girl reaction after presenting the TECNO PHONE to her .

Now , her reaction and ungratefulness has destroyed her relationship.”

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