Nigerian man recounts

A Nigerian man has shared the testimony of how God saved him from suspected kidnappers in Benin City, Edo state, back in 2006.

Speaking in a video shared on social media, the man, who was joyful to recount how his life was spared, said he was on his way to church when an elderly man approached him and asked for help to cross the road.

He said he willingly assisted the man and that was the last thing he could remember before waking up to find himself in a kidnapper’s den.

He said when he regained consciousness, he saw himself tied up with other victims, and heard his abductors discussing how to sell him for N30,000.

Nigerian man recounts

The young man said suddenly he could subconsciously hear his mum praying and he said “Amen” out loud, prompting a woman who is part of the syndicate, to ask for his identity and where he’s from.

When he mentioned that his mother is a pastor, the woman asked her men to untie him and gave him some onions to peel. According to him, when no one was looking, he grabbed the opportunity and ran for his life.

“Sometimes let’s learn how to say no. It doesn’t mean you are wicked. I have seen things happen We are leaving in a wicked generation”, he concluded.

Watch him speak below,

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