A Nigerian man has taken to his social media page to revealed how his life changed for better when he left Nigeria for Canada.

The man with Twitter handle @MRBRIKILA1 said he wrote IELTS 3 times before he achieved the required score.

He also stated that he worked very hard and was able to buy his first house just 3 years after he got to Canada.

In his words:

“My Canada story….Wrote IELTS 3 time before I achieved required score, Sat and passed Nursing exam at first sitting, Worked in a lot of hospitals and Nursing home…Bought my first house 3rd yr after got to Canada…..it was not easy for sure but the difference is clear clear…

”while I was in 9ja I could not afford to raise 32k to sit for IELTS despite working 2 jobs and driving cab at Ikorodu.Do not let anyone that does not like progress of others to discourage you, they dont even like you to take pictures of urself with snow background.

”Do not allow them to deceive you…Can they love Nigeria more than those political office holders that earns millions monthly? I said b4,there is a thin line btwn PATRIOTISM and suffering and smiling…Pls go to any Country of ur choice it’s very important to venture out.”

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