Nigerian man reveals

A Nigerian entrepreneur, Edmund Olotu, has revealed his intention to take legal action against a man who stole from him nine years ago.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, February 1, Edmund disclosed that the man stole N3.5 million from him in 2016 and failed to reimburse him.

He said the man has now relocated to the United States and even works with Bank of America, but has refused to refund his money.

According to him, he has sent countless messages to the man to demand for his money but it has all fallen on deaf ears.

Nigerian man reveals

Following the man’s reluctance to refund his money after almost a decade, Edmund said he has decided to have his legal representatives write to the man’s employer, Bank of America, and possibly sabotage his career.

He tweeted,

“Someone who stole 3.5M from me in 2014, has japa’d and now works for Bank of America. Every year since then I send him a reminder via text to return my money.

This year I’ll let him taste this Bank of America salary for a few more months before I have my lawyers write to them.”

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