A Nigerian man identified on Facebook as Otunba Oriyomi Soile, has berated single ladies who have refused to date married men.

Taking to a Facebook Group platform, Soile said a lot of single women have missed their husbands because they’re avoiding married men.

He wrote:

U don’t want to date a married man, bcos it will not end up in marriage abi, o ya tell me, how many of ur single guys both reigning and those u call ur ex has married u, oshi. Let me tell u, most of u will not be born if ur mothers were dat foolish, embrace wisdom. Every man is a prospective husband weda single or married, open ur eyes girl, ur husband may be dat married guy u are refusing or dat married guy u are not treating right bcos for ur mind he is married so na mugun. If u know u know, married guys rock. I am an advocate of polygamy, if this hurts ur sensitivity I am not sorry.



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