Nigerian man surprises

A young Nigerian man has gifted his girlfriend a brand new iPhone after her ex-boyfriend collected the phone he bought for her during their relationship.

The thoughtful man, identified as @rickyung69 on TikTok, disclosed that his partner’s ex-boyfriend suddenly requested for the phone he gifted her so he decided to replace it with a new and better model.

To make the moment special, he took her to a nice restaurant where he had planned with the waiter to surprise his woman with the phone.

Nigerian man surprises

He shared a video of the waiter serving his girlfriend with a plate, unknown to her that it contained a brand new phone well-packaged in a wrapping paper.

The lady, who was eager to see the content of the special gift, unwrapped the package and discovered a brand new iPhone. She was clearly overjoyed by the thoughtful gift and proceeded to kiss her man on the lips.

“Changed my baby’s iPhone to a higher grade after her ex requested for her previous phone”, he captioned the clip.

Watch below,

In other news, a heartwarming video showing the moment two brothers who have been apart for 33 years, reunited recently, has been shared online by TikToker, Deby Oscar.

Deby revealed that her father and his brother have been apart for that long after both of them moved to different countries abroad and for her father’s 60th birthday, she and her siblings decided to surprise him with a reunion with his brother. Watch here

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