Andy Pounds, the young Nigerian man who reportedly crashed his newly acquired car into a building (just 24 hours after buying it) has replaced his car with the same model but a different color.

Andy who came out unscathed from the accident blamed ‘witches and wizards’ and said God’s glory made him dodge a straight shot from them.

His words then;

‘there are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet but if I could survive last night, then not just you or everyone but even life itself could survive someday! Everyday I wake up to new Blessings. From laughing with friends about how I spend over a million a day to buying a car to Buying myself another life’.

God You are Great! Don’t say sorry but congratulations because I came out of This Unstained, healthy and even the Scan shows same thing. God should bless God for this because I don’t think Thanks and prayers should be enough. Call it Alcohol, drug or whatever, I call it Glory and Dodging another Straight Shot from them Witches and Wizards

However, it appears Andy has got himself a new whip according to a post by his friend on Facebook.

See below;

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